Professional Presentations

Presentation Skills to ensure your Delivery is POWERFUL

It would be ideal if you had a presentation you would like to review or improve so that the day can have immediate benefits on your current workload.

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Coffee at 8:45am for 9am start through to 4:30pm


Presented by Sue-Ellen Kusher

Presentation Skills for Trainers, Facilitators, Managers & ANYONE speaking or delivering a Presentation to an Audience


The ability to effectively communicate has become a prerequisite for any business professional, whether within their organization, or as a teacher addressing students or simply in a public forum.

Do your presentation skills need polishing?

Our powerful course, “Professional Presentations” can assist you with your Presentations, improving your speaking ability and tapping into your innate communication skills.  Words can be powerful – more so when delivered effectively and with confidence.

You will learn the secrets of persuasive presentation and develop skills to encourage more impact on your audience.  After all, getting your message across is the main goal – learn to identify that message clearly and learn the tools necessary to establish that message in the minds of your listeners.  Powerful words, for a powerful impact!


This workshop is designed to push your boundaries, step out of the square to discover what elements suit your particular style and will assist you to be more comfortable and successful in the formal and personal communication environments.

If you are willing to embrace some contemporary realities about how people absorb information and what makes them act upon it, then you will gain greatly from this very active workshop.

Our goal is to add the elements of impact, clarity, self awareness, appropriateness and advantage to your performance.  You will learn how to:

  • incorporate fear management tactics
  • be able to appraise and monitor your own abilities
  • to really understand the importance of mind and body working in harmony (the absolute key to successful presentations), and
  • what is important to include and what to leave behind

It is a programme crammed with theory, practice, tips, tactics, fun and laughter all in the name of improvement.

  • Adult communication & what that means to the presenter.
  • Using your skills and experience in new ways.
  • Some physical activities which will contribute to your ease.
  • Pitching it right for each customer channel.
  • Correct use of equipment   – whatever that may be.
  • What to do when your speech is a ‘last minute request’.
  • The seven step plan to creating a public presentation.
  • Anticipating requests, reactions, replies and results.

Understanding body talk & making it work for you.

  • Building stronger relationships and creating rapport.

Extending your influence beyond the interaction

Knowing what to do when things simply go wrong.

  • Handling aggressive people and their reactions.
  • Voice essentials and confidence boosters.
  • The essence and power of harnessing positive ‘self talk’
  • The top ten tips to make your speeches more dynamic.

Expected Course Outcomes

Clarity around what is a realistic and achievable expectation, and how to achieve it, is probably the greatest benefit this programme offers.  We harness what is good about you and how you like to do things and work to promote and advance these aspects, to offer a comfortable yet more defined presenter.

  • A blueprint to guide you through future presentations, speeches or documents.
  • Understanding what formal and professional mean to you.
  • How to incorporate the rules about technology and display.
  • Use of notes and memory pegs designed just for you.
  • Ideas and options about how to ensure your message is clear to you, and then to your target.
  • Clarifying “all” the communication options and knowing which work well with your audience.
  • Emotional Intelligence at work in the presentation world.
  • Thinking smarter to deliver a more focused message.
  • Some strategies to deal with fear and nerves.
  • Tactics to contribute to your overall confidence, and ability to monitor self improvement.

This workshop is packed with activity, discussion, and productivity.  It relies on the involvement of the entire group and their preparedness to participate, share, do, watch, and adapt.   It is also a seminar full of activity and enjoyment.