Focused Teaching for Focused Learning

Strategies for Higher Level Learning, Recall & Retention Teaching.

Eric smallIt would be ideal if you had a main lesson you would like to review or improve so that the day can have immediate benefits in your classroom.

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Presented by Eric Frangenheim
Excellent Professional Development Course for any Teacher or Educator

Course Description

In this workshop, Eric Frangenheim will use material from his best-selling text, ‘Reflections on Classroom Thinking Strategies’ which is used in most Queensland Universities for teacher training.

Participants will be offered a teaching and thinking framework providing them with an effective and simple methodology by which they can structure their teaching from foundation knowledge and skills to higher-order operations of thinking and learning.

This is essentially a workshop dealing with learner-centred and purposeful activities which are engaging, focused and motivating. Discover an array of strategies designed specifically to enable students to think at different levels and benefit from absorbing knowledge from a platform of Higher Level Learning.

Experience these strategies for yourself by using them during the workshop, and fully understand how beneficial they can be in your classroom. They will keep you focused on your teaching…and your students focused on their learning…

Course Content

Engagement through Thinking – Practical Tools for Thinking and Encouraging Participation.

No matter what our subject matter is, ideally we want our students to be good thinkers for a modern world.
Is it fair then to ask students to analyse, hypothesize, be creative and evaluate, if you do not offer them the tools to do so. In fact, who taught us?

Learn a variety of practical thinking strategies to empower your students to become independent learners. Incorporate these strategies in your curriculum and unit planning and you will enhance your classroom practice and stimulate the learning environment. Students will love it and own it.

These tools are fun – if people are enjoying themselves they will learn and engage in their education freely. But it’s not all fun and games; our tools are serious strategies designed to get at the heart of any discussion, highlight key points and focus in on what your whole session is ultimately targeting, no matter what the subject area.

Participants who attend this workshop will learn to:

  • involve everyone in the classroom subject discussion
  • give the introverts a go
  • excite the students about the possibilities of “good” learning
  • make staff and other meetings more effective
  • save everyone’s time and patience
  • improve co-operation among students
  • discover techniques to ensure each student will be heard (not just the vocal few)
  • improve the level of discussion, debate, evaluation & learning
  • how to promote the conditions for objectivity and harness the energy that can arise from conflicting viewpoints
  • get groups to focus on possibility thinking rather than negative blocks
  • foster the “thinking” mind-set
  • make study, class work and everyday situations become so much easier.
  • create “higher-order” thinking
  • produce better results, learning, effects and conclusions.

Call it what you will, but this Seminar, run by Eric Frangenheim, is one of the best on offer to provide you with fresh, new, innovative fun ways to “think outside the square” and ensure your content material is truly understood and absorbed by your students.


“Thanks Eric for presenting a stimulating, thought provoking and interactive day.” – Kathleen Teasdale, Education Queensland

“Invaluable in providing ideas that assist in involving all staff when input and decisions are crucial. It also assisted in understanding various learning behaviours and when to use them. I really enjoyed the interaction of the groups and also the art in getting groups to do all the work while the facilitator “sat back and enjoyed a coffee.”

“I will be recommending that other staff in my area attend future sessions.”

“All of it was amazing, it was SO adaptable to almost any industry I couldn’t believe it! And we have already commenced working it into our daily training schedule. Thanks Guys!” – Bradley Nelson

“The different options on brainstorming were most beneficial – we usually do the old sit around the table with butchers paper and a scriber and discuss. The tools that were given will help to make it fun, interesting, everyone will feel involved as well as delve down and come up with some really good brainstorming.”

Great presenter – very authentic, professional and fun.

Highly informative and entertaining.

Great enthusiasm and knowledge for realistic application

Great day – it’s given me a lot of practical ideas – Bryn Dolan, Education Queensland

Everything was great for adding variety to my training. Awesome course. Very different to MTI so helpful in its own way for meetings, facilitating and training. Thank you.

Great tools and tactics that I can use every day at work and home. – Leiza Wood, Metro South Institute of TAFE

This is a great course to engender excitement and new ideas when you are stuck and your work issues need to be looked at differently. It will help our team to succeed.

All of the strategies were great to experience and participate in.

I’d like to be able to practice more but time is limited – would love 2 days!

I’m a slow learner! Excellent idea generating tools for trainers – Fabulous trainer, you’ve inspired me Eric! – Paula Maxwell, trainer.

Time flew, Eric, you kept me engaged all day. Well done and thank you.

Great and innovative tools which will help me facilitate training & meetings. – Kay O’Connell

A wonderful, creative, renewing workshop. Thanks Eric. Humour was great!

Thanks, I thoroughly enjoyed the day

Very good, I will recommend the workshop

The best PD workshop I’ve ever been to.

Thanks Eric, for a wonderful, energetic, informative and empowering workshop

Should be – mandatory for all teaching staff excellent workshop. Thank you very much

Eric was an excellent facilitator, Very well presented

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with. I look forward to using what I have gained

Very worthwhile, I can’t wait to get into the classroom and apply these new strategies

I have enjoyed my day and hopefully if I can take this info back and can changed just one of my ‘gen y’ students and engaged them better then I will be happy

Thoroughly enjoyed my day of learning, I would like to see Eric back again this year for at least a 2 day workshop. I would be happy to attend on a weekend

Wonderfully informative day. Lots to take away, put into practice and share with others

It was a very refreshing workshop. Its always great to learn new strategies to apply in the classroom

I got a lot out of this day some really helpful ( & fun) thinking tools & ways to promote class learning & interaction Thank you

Interesting workshop – well worth it!

Thank you for a very interesting stimulating seminar