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  • High Impact
  • High Energy
  • High Topic Recall & Retention Teaching

Laurie KellyIt would be ideal if you had a main lesson you would like to review or improve so that the day can have immediate benefits in your classroom.

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Presented by Laurie Kelly.
Excellent Professional Development Course for any Teacher or Educator.

Course Description

Our Seminar title “Excite Students to Learn” says it all – this course will rekindle both your passion for teaching and your students’ desire to learn.

Recapture your enthusiasm in the classroom with our time-tested techniques that will ensure your teaching is motivating, attention-grabbing and enjoyable – with maximum impact and affect on your students for clear understanding and long term retention of knowledge.

We all learn in different ways and our workshop will ensure that your delivery reaches the widest audience possible, by instructing you in a large number of skills, tips and strategies to get your subject matter across – be 100% effective in the classroom and have fun doing it! Refresh and upgrade your skills and excite your students to learn…and keep on learning…

Course Content


Are you sick of competing with SMS messages to get and keep your students attention?

Are you teaching the entire classroom – or just the “Auditory” few?

This workshop is full of ideas to Excite and Engage your students. Use PROCESSES that are simple, refreshing, practical and totally relevant to the challenges of teaching today – you will learn to:

  • Get their attention and keep it.
  • Discover the Learning Styles of individuals and how to cater to their learning needs.
  • Use the “Cheat Sheet” – Tips and Techniques to take away your nerves and keep you in control of proceedings.
  • Keep energy levels at a premium during your presentations – even with dry and dull content.
  • Control the ebb, flow and timing of your deliveries with simple, effective strategies.
  • Break up cliques – and they won’t even know that you’re doing it!
  • Use small group activities so that everyone is actively engaged in learning.
  • Teach their way, not the way that you learn.

6 Good Reasons why attending Mindworks workshop ‘Exciting your Students to Learn’ will help you to make your teaching sessions ‘even better’
Discover 41 ways to achieve high energy, high-impact-training programmes

  • Experiential learning – spend the full day session with one of Australia’s best Trainers and see the talk walked !!!
  • Practical techniques that can be implemented immediately so that you get instant positive results
  • Some ‘Tricks of the Trade’, acknowledged by many participants as being unique, effective and easy to implement..
  • Leave the training room knowing you can make a difference, and cause behaviours to change
  • Process is the vital KEY- in getting content across fast and having “it stick”

Mindworks is a leading provider around Australia in Professional Deveopment for Educators and Trainers. Laurie Kelly has had excellent feedback from the delivery of this programme to RTO educators throughout Australia in both the Private and Public sectors.

1. Engaging your audience

How to engage your audience
How to gauge and respond to your audience’s expectations and interests
How to gauge the pre-knowledge of the group and encourage them to contribute their knowledge to the group

  1. Engaging the group:
    • Engaging the audience – so that they are eager and confident to participate.
  2. Using existing group knowledge:
    • Four different ways of gauging the pre-knowledge of the group – so you can target your material using good adult learning theory.
    • Recognize previous knowledge – so you can utilize the expertise in the room.
    • How to Add Value to existing knowledge – so people feel their expertise is acknowledged and can be enhanced by adding value to it.
  3. Interaction:
    • Breaking up “cliques” – so they are out of their comfort zone and “learning transfer” is easier.
  4. Small group techniques:
    • Using small group techniques – so all participants are actively engaged.

2. Your teaching style

What is your learning style and how does it impact on your teaching style?
How to keep your teaching style fresh and relevant
How to present well to the group
How to effectively facilitate the group

  • Learning about your learning style – so you don’t fall into the trap of teaching only the way you learn, rather you can accommodate all learning styles.
  • Making the 7 Intelligences practical, especially for technical training – complicated concepts can be easily delivered so that they are absorbed and understood.
  • Using Philosophers Walk – so you model to the group V.A.K.T learning.
  • The Pencil Technique – so you look really clever and minimize your nerves.
  • Using your group as co-facilitators – so you aren’t doing all the hard work, and your attention stays with the needs of the group.

3. The classroom learning environment

How to create an effective learning environment
How to grab the group’s focus

  • Bring the group’s focus into the classroom – so they leave their worries behind and are open to your subject.
  • Creating an atmosphere within the room – so participants are relaxed and open to learning.

4. Activities to encourage interaction

Different resources to encourage interaction, increased energy levels

  • Brain Gym exercises – so you can energize the group at any stage in the day and deliberately target what you need the group to be doing.
  • Six different ways with playing cards to get your group interacting with playing cards – break up the cliques, get the energy moving, get positive thinking happening.

5. Encouraging positive mindsets

How to combat nervousness, encourage excitement in learning and keep your participants focused

  • Creative Session Openers – generating excitement about the learning possibilities.
  • Overcoming negative mindsets – so behavioural change is possible and they don’t give you a hard time.
  • VAKT – how to build these perceptual modes into your sessions – your participants will be immediately engaged.
  • Getting movement in the classroom– gets the energy up, engages mobile learners, and minimizes boredom and distractions.
  • Keep them awake after lunch – so your sessions have vitality and impact.
  • Keeping the group on task – so you get through the material and are not high-jacked.
  • Six fun ways of appointing scribes and relieving tension – so people are having fun doing necessary tasks.
  • Build positive experiences – so people leave feeling confident and rapt in you as a teacher, and willing to change behaviour.

6. Learning styles

What is your learning style and how does it impact on your teaching style?
How to recognise, appreciate and respond to different learning styles
How to encourage your group to transfer learning into practical application

  • Learning about your learning style – so you don’t fall into the trap of teaching only the way you learn, rather you can accommodate all learning styles.
  • Learning Styles – so that you will understand how you learn, and how the 23 elements that affect the learning influence of you and others.
  • Modelling ways to engage various learning styles – you’ll see it; you’ll hear it,’ and you do it – so it sticks.
  • Understanding the myths of learning – so that confidence is built.
  • Immediate transfer of learning into practical application.

7. Timing

How to keep your classes running on time and flowing smoothly

  • If you say 2 minutes, mean it – tricks to keep on track and manage time.

8. Presenting your resources and materials

Are your resources responding to the different learning styles (eg. are they tactile, colourful etc)
Are your teaching resources aesthetically pleasing and easy to comprehend?

  • Whole Brain Learning Techniques – such as use of stories, metaphors, humour, graphics, colour, overviews, factual input – so that your material is presented in a ways that people learn and succeed.
  • Creative Chart Work – engages the visuals and makes you look professional.
  • Creating relevant ice-breakers – so that you are not wasting valuable time.
  • Use of Graphics – brighten up boring and dry content.
  • Utilizing tactile resources that make your material relevant to those who need to touch it.

9. Memory and reading techniques

How to teach your group to read faster and comprehend more
How to help with memory training and build retention

  • Pre-reading – participants will love you forever for this one when they learn the tricks to read and comprehend at a speed they never thought possible – straight away.
  • Six different methods to build retention, so they get it, can recall it and use it – so your training sticks.
  • Memory training and building retention – so it sticks.

Teacher Testimonial

Laurie captivated and enthralled all of us! Loved our PD Day – first time in 4.5 years!

Best training session, ever

Best workshop ever through TAFE or elsewhere

This is the best course I have been to in 25 years of education. Well done!

Best professional development activity Ihave been to in 22 years at TAFE

This is without a doubt the best P.D. day I have ever attended

Thank you very much for boosting my knowledge. Well organised session and enjoyable – recommend any teachers to attend

Laurie’s presentation was superb – very informative! I can’t wait to test these on my own children, and the students at school

It makes so much easier and exciting. All the topics covered during the course of the day have been interesting and beneficial to improve my ability to assist the students

Exciting presentation with fantastic information. Great manner of presentation

Wow, am pumped to learn this fantastic information. Can’t wait to appy these tactics when I start teaching

This is the most practical seminar I’ve attended. No “after lunch drowsy” feeling

Very interesting. This should be a mandatory course for all teaching staff

Fantastic experience to be exposed to! Everyone needs to do this workshop

Should be part of university course for teaching, as a matter of fact, all humans!!

I have never sat through a course which has held my attention all day – this did!.

Today was brilliant. I can’t wait to go home and share with my family all I have learned. Also, haven’t laughed so much in ages

Laurie Kelly is a fantastic educator – actively engaging students, physically, visually, kinesthetically – interest and concentration is kept ALIVE!