Cultural Interactions

Strategies for Understanding Cultural Diversity within the Classroom and Corporate Environment.

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Presented by Joan Wilson-Jones

Course Description

Our world is getting smaller and multiculturalism is embraced throughout our country – but how far does your cultural insight extend?
We don’t know, what we don’t know – until we know it!

“International Interactions” with Joan Wilson-Jones, is a specifically designed workshop aimed at increasing your understanding of the challenges faced when welcoming international students and workers into your classroom and/or organisation and addressing their specific needs from an educational or business stance.

Exploration of cultural norms and adjustment for cultural integration by teachers & students, employers & employees alike is required, and this workshop will provide ways to understand behaviours and encourage students & workers to embrace their new learning environment in a constructive and open manner.

International interaction is our future…and teachers/employers are in the front line, assisting with this adjustment and integration…and we can assist you to make this easier, more comfortable and successful.

Course Content

Internation Interactions – Understanding Learning in the Global Society

A one-day interactive experience designed to support teachers in their roles with international students &/or assist corporations to embrace their international workers.

More than a cultural awareness programme, International Interactions offers insights and tools to support the maximisation of learning through dynamic understanding and cultural insight. Beyond ethnicity, we will design and create inclusive approaches that ensure immigrants are able to connect with material in ways that provide meaning, insight and real learning.

We all know that individuals learn in different ways, adding culture to the mix provides greater challenges but also broader possibilities. This program will utilise participants’ experience in the classroom or the office environment, creating new understanding and offering new pathways to success.

Some things we will explore are:

  • Understanding and articulating mutual expectations in a cultural framework
  • Establishing real agreements and co-creating processes
  • Exploring cultural norms and understandings
  • Adjusting for cultural integration and crossover (includes the impact of ethnicity on gender and generational norms and expectations)
  • Reading and understanding behaviours
  • Encouraging students to be part of the solution
  • Real rewards in cultural terms
  • Sharing insights and growing the international culture
  • Advocating for real progress, influencing for positive development
  • Looking after yourself and maintaining your energy, hope and enthusiasm (avoiding burnout and fatigue)


A fantastic workshop

Should be presented at conference or offered at staff induction

Enjoyable day. Joan is great, she gives us her enthusiasm and energy

Really enjoyed Joan’s presentation.

Many thanks for providing this opportunity

This was great. All teaching staff should be doing this training. Thank you

Thank you for an energetic and energising thought provoking, well prepared, engaging workshop. A pleasure to participate

Thank you – enjoy the day and definitely gained some new knowledge and an intention to challenge perspectives from this point forward

Title of workshop limits attendees to these working with International students, but info is valuable to teachers