Creating the Learning Environment

As our name suggests, Mindworks has expertise in understanding how the mind works.

Eric smallWe would like to offer this workshop to Professional Trainers, Facilitators and Managers who we guarantee will gain strategies and skills to enhance their practice.

Participants would benefit from the information in terms of motivating and skilling their staff to think more creatively and pro-actively, especially at formal and informal staff meetings.



Call it what you will, but this Seminar, run by Eric Frangenheim, is one of the best on offer to provide you with fresh, new, innovative ways to “think outside the square” and ensure your content material is truly understood and absorbed by your audience.

Eric has been running these highly successful and much loved seminars for Mindworks for some years now, and participants leave raving about their newly acquired skills and how much they will instantly benefit from them.
discover the secrets to higher order thinking & learning

This seminar is perfect for:

  • Facilitators seeking innovative skills to help draw the best in creative thinking from their groups,
  • Trainers & Educators looking for ways to achieve higher level learning for their audiences
  • Managers looking to improve the level of interest, input and participation in meetings with their staff that will lead to more successful creative outcomes.

Eric will deliver a hands-on presentation that will have you participating and experiencing his innovative tools to assist Facilitators, Trainers and Managers to get their teams working effectively together with:

  • problem solving
  • creative thinking
  • higher order learning, recall & retention of presented material
  • information gathering
  • brainstorming

Learn to use the following techniques to:

  • improve your meetings
  • identify & hone into key points
  • get groups working & thinking together – creatively & innovatively
  • break topics and problems down more efficiently for further, in-depth analysis and creative problem solving
  • employ new ways of sharing information, group to group
  • improve & extend on gathered information
  • ensure imparted subject matter is fully learned, understood and retained
  • deliver your content beyond the norm – higher level learning means higher level retention & understanding of content

Learn to use and love these processes:

  • Round Robin
  • Noisy Round Robin
  • P.M.I
  • Decision Making Matrix
  • K.W.L.
  • 1:4:P:C:R
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hot Potato
  • And many more….

These tools are fun and if people are enjoying themselves they will learn and engage freely. But it’s not all fun and games; our tools are serious strategies designed to get at the heart of any discussion, highlight key points and focus in on what your whole session is ultimately targeting.

If you have undertaken a “Maximise Your Training Impact” seminar with Laurie, then you should definitely consider taking Eric’s “Creating the Thinking Environment” workshop to add even more fun and practical tools to your “toolkit”.

Our presenter will demonstrate how you, as a Facilitator, can move from “showing” the group to “guiding” it gently to its conclusive result. We can show you how to turn the volume down on the more vocal members of the groups and how to get at the knowledge and ideas of the more timid of your participants.

And all while they are doing all the work and you are enjoying your coffee!


FEE: $395 per participant (discounts available for group bookings)
includes full day seminar, all refreshments & catering and workbook
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