Anxiety in the Learning Environment

Strategies for Preventing Anxiety in Learners & Teaching Staff.

Jeanie Jones
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Presented by Jeannie Jones.

Excellent Professional Development Course for any Teacher or Educator.

Course Description

Never before has our world suffered from such high levels of Stress and the resultant fall-out from Anxiety induced illnesses – and it is certainly of concern in the teaching environment!

Jeannie Jones leads our workshop “Anxiety in the Learning Environment” designed specifically to assist teachers in understanding Anxiety in the Learning environment and tackle “Learner Anxiety”.

Our seminar will target this in four major areas: How to spot it, Ways to deal with it, Learning to prevent it and Developing on-going strategies to successfully control and negate the affects from debilitating yourself, your students and colleagues.

Understanding Stress & Anxiety and the affect on the body is not about eliminating stress from your life; it is about learning to help your students control how they respond in stressful situations. Your students will be much stronger and more in control in the face of adversity.

Course Content

Identifying, Addressing & Preventing Anxiety for Primary Targets – Student

The best designed and managed learning environments and conditions cannot eliminate performance anxiety for the learner.

Anxiety is a natural, physiological response to a stressful environment.

The learner experiences differing degrees of stress according to expectations of society, community, family, friends and self. High achievers are also at risk.

It is not unrelated that many students develop glandular fever amongst other conditions, in years 11, 12 & early tertiary.
The body’s response to demands of learning and performing is a high production of Adrenalin and Cortisol which can manifest in common anxiety symptoms ranging from mild to debilitating.

There are clear and simple ways of identifying, addressing and preventing the negative effects of anxiety on students.

Jeannie Jones will come to your Team or Individual staff members and quietly assist with anxiety in the learning environment, and how to:

  • Spot it
  • Deal with it
  • Prevent it
  • Develop ongoing strategies to control it

Benefit from results with:

  • Reduced stress for Students, Teachers & Colleagues
  • Clearer thinking in difficult situations
  • Identifying where your life is out of balance
  • Understanding how to get your life into balance
  • Leading a more confident and relaxed life particularly in the learning environment
  • Self-sanity

Jeannie has successfully worked with pre school students to Year 1 to 12 and Tertiary level including groups of teachers striving to understand and assist their students, along with many organizations and government departments in Victoria and Queensland.

Remember – Underachievers NEVER suffer from Stress! Don’t lose your Students (and valuable staff) when you can so easily prevent it.


I really enjoyed this PD session and would highly recommend it to any other delivery & non-delivery staff. – DETA participant

Jeannie was great. Her approach was warm and inviting, the group were open and the discussion flowed. I found it very useful. – DETA participant

I appreciated the opportunity to hvae some time out to focus on vitally important aspects of working life. – DETA participant

Very worthwhile.

Jeannie was very interesting and knowledgeable on the subject. – DETA participant

This workshop was really well planned & delivered. – DETA participant

Thank you for an informative, relevant and worthwhile workshop that will provide essential tools to increase my skills in teaching and learning. – DETA participant

Interesting, topical, thought-provoking and revealing. – DETA participant

This was an eye-opening experience – it was great!! – DETA participant

Really enjoyed the day – found it worthwhile and nice to have the opportunity to meet like-minded, sensitive & humorous fellow human beings. – DETA participant

I have lived with anxiety for years. I now feel I’m on my way to a better life, anxiety free.

I wish I’d had this information/knowledge 2 jobs ago. So I didn’t feel I’d failed and couldn’t cope for so long. WOW. Thanks.

Jeannie helped me realise I’m normal – and that I can help and support others to deal with anxiety differently. Thank you.

I have taken a lot away from this session. Thank you – it was worth coming to.

Excellent awareness of “anxiety”