For Trainers & Educators

Training - Exciting Students to Learn 013Our Focus: (making you ‘even better’)

Our goal is to train trainers and educators, through top-quality Professional Development, to be the very best professionals that they can be in delivering excellent training experiences to their learners.

What We Do: (walking the talk)

We are in the business of Training Trainers and Educators in practical, engaging delivery skills that Excites and Enthuses Learners. It does not matter what your content is, our proven techniques assist you in making a huge difference in the delivery process – and making that Learning anchor in – immediately, thoroughly and long term!!

This is what our flag ship the ‘Trainers Skills Intensive‘ is all about.

It is vital today that you employ current research on how the Brain learns best, and plan your delivery to:

      • Engage & Motivate the Learner
      • Maximize both the ‘learning’ and the ‘transfer’, whether you are interacting with your learners in a face-to-face mode, on line or through a blended delivery process.

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Our Programs: (fun-filled and process-packed)

Trainers and Educators – Workplace programs

wow eyes1Training Skills Intensive

This is our renowned Train the Trainer program. It is a 2-day workshop with a focus on Brain friendly delivery skills across all content areas. Its aim is to skill trainers to design programs that excite learners and anchor learning … read more

Training - Papers small croppedBrain Training

In this workshop you will experience the five principles of Brain Training.  You will discover simple, practical ideas and strategies to include in training delivery, so that you know you are getting your message across, and you know it will stick! … read more

New PictureCreating a Thinking team or Work place

Techniques and Strategies for Trainers, Educators and Facilitators to utilize to encourage innovative and creative group thinking at a higher order level.
… read more

Trainers and edcucators - Presentaitons 2Professional Presentations – getting People to YES!

This program is about making your presentation impactful, memorable and exciting. It is about getting your information and ideas across to the entire audience and getting them all to ‘YES’. Great influencing skills when the focus is on you … read more

New Picture (2)Exciting Students to Learn

Empower the Learner and Teach Them ‘HOW’ to Learn! The greatest gift you can give a student is the knowledge of ‘how to learn’ and the motivation and confidence to want to do so … and to become life-long learners. Experience how fast learning can be when using a whole-brain approach … read more

New Picture (3)Energise Engage and Excite

A bundle of fun – a day devoid of content but packed to the gills with strategies, games, activities and challenging task to help you stimulate engagement, raise energy and build a cooperative, cohesive team …read more


What We Believe: (making it worthwhile)

5 Principles of Brain Friendly Learning to which we subscribe:

      1. Keep it Real: Content and experiences must be seen as being Real and relevant to their world. There has to be really perceivable benefits arising from the training for the business and the learner. You have got to excite them about being there at the training.
      2. Learners are Unique: Empower the learner by helping them to understand their Learning styles and teaching them how to use their strengths. Good delivery of training utilises simple strategies to involve all learning styles so they are successful and good transfer happens
      3. Teaching needs to be Multisensory to be memorable. Chalk, talk and Power Point alone do not work for long term retention. The more senses that are fired up in the delivery, the more neurons will be encoded and long-term retention will happen.
      4. Students will learn content if they can Create with this content by making brain patterns that are useful to them. Good training is not just about consuming, great trainers plan to have the learner do something with this information as a vital part of the learning.
      5. A positive Mental, Emotional and Physical State is Vital for learning. Educators can influence the Learner’s State by activating the various chemicals of the Brain that are useful for the various stages of learning and recall.

Remember that “the State” we are in when we learn is “the State” we will default to when we go to use this learning.